SolidProfessor’s Most Popular Courses Used in Schools in 2020


This year has been a really difficult one for many, particularly teachers and school staff

In March, schools across the country had to move their classrooms online with little to no notice.

Administrators had to figure out how to get their students access to CAD, CAM, and BIM software at home. Not to mention, schedules, syllabi, and assignments needed to be prepped and ready to transition to in-person, hybrid, or back to distance learning at any moment.

As if that wasn’t a large enough undertaking on its own, some teachers were even using their schools’ 3D printers to make masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for first responders.

Most popular courses used in schools in 2020

So while we celebrate how much schools, staff, and students have accomplished this year, let’s take a moment to look back at the top online courses, resources, and articles engineering and architecture instructors gravitated toward this year.

While teaching SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and AutoCAD still reigned during 2020, browser-based software courses became more popular than ever before

The likes of SOLIDWORKS and Inventor were still the most taught SolidProfessor courses in 2020; however, it’s important to call out that our courses that teach browser-based software skills became more popular than ever before.

As many schools operated virtually, educators had to swiftly switch to CAD software that students could access on Chromebooks and tablets, rather than their schools’ high-powered computer labs.

From fall 2019 to fall 2020, the number of classes that were enrolled in our Onshape courses increased by 779%. And during that same period, the number of classes enrolled in our Fusion 360 courses increased by 121%.

SolidProfessor fusion 360 tutorial screenshot

Top 10 Most-watched SolidProfessor Courses in Schools 2020

  1. SOLIDWORKS Beginner to Certification
  2. Inventor Beginner to Certification
  3. AutoCAD Beginner to Certification
  4. Engineering Graphics and Spatial Visualization
  5. SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Parts
  6. Fusion 360 Beginner to Certification
  7. Introduction to Onshape
  8. Introduction to SOLIDWORKS
  9. AutoCAD Essentials
  10. Introduction to Inventor

During a year of online learning, Instructors looked to digital resources

Top 5 Most Downloaded Free Resources for Engineering Educators and Students 2020

  1. [Webinar] How Educators Can Switch to Onshape
  2. [E-guide] Engineering and Architectural IRCs by State
  3. [Cheat Sheet] SOLIDWORKS Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. [E-Guide] 30+ Expert Tips to Pass the CSWA Exam
  5. [E-Guide] Autodesk Inventor Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Most-read SolidProfessor Articles 2020

  1. How to Prep Students for Careers with Project-based Learning
  2. Free Distance Learning Projects and Resources
  3. Understanding Your State’s IRCs in Engineering and Architectural Design
  4. SolidProfessor Virtual Education Summit 2020 Recap
  5. 5 Quick Inventor Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Workflow
  6. A Closer Look: What the CARES Act Education Stabilization Fund Means for Schools
  7. Innovative Ways the Engineering Community is Coming Together During the COVID-19 Quarantine
  8. 5 Steps Engineering Instructors Can Take to Engage K-12 Students
  9. New Distance Learning Courses for Onshape and xDesign Now Available
  10. 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 General Session Recaps: The Top Announcements and Info You Need to Know


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