6 Tools That Should Be in Your Industrial Equipment Tech Stack


Lean manufacturing helps create more value and less waste – but what does that mean?

Lean manufacturing is a production method that has been proven to help reduce time to market by decreasing how long it takes to produce a product and communicate with suppliers and customers.

It’s derived from Toyota’s 1930 operating model The Toyota Production System (TPS) aka “The Toyota Way.” By focusing on process design and flow, teams can create more value and less waste – cutting costs, boosting innovation, and reducing time to market in this fast-paced, ever-changing global marketplace.

But what are the tools that can help you get there? We’ve gathered the best digital tools to simplify the design for manufacturing process – getting your team one step closer to a lean manufacturing model.

Tools for Developing a Lean Manufacturing System & How to Use Them

For Component Design

  1. SOLIDWORKS – Reduce design time for parts with complex surface geometry such as valves, manifolds, and brackets, and quickly generate sizes with Design Tables.
  2. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional – Discover generative shapes with topology studies so you can rest assured you’re designing parts for strength and durability from the start.

For Large Assembly Design

  1. SOLIDWORKS Premium – Create large assemblies such as heat exchangers, pumps, and furnaces faster with Large Design Review and routing tools.
  2. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Optimize your products for fluid delivery and thermal performance. This helps avoid costly retrofitting and increases market share by creating more capable systems.

For Installation Manual Creation

  1. SOLIDWORKS Composer – Create assembly or service manuals directly from a SOLIDWORKS model for more accurate instructions in less time.

For Design Cycle Management

  1. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional – Maintain multi-site communication and distribute the latest specification versions to different teams or even customers. This tool helps prevent revisioning errors and allows for faster communication with simplified collaboration.

With the right training for engineers and on-demand resources, you can start getting your team prepared to use these tools effectively right away – SolidProfessor for Business is here to help.

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