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Our Mastercam content is expanding! Now with over 75 courses available, this massive content library can be intimidating at first glance. Here are some of the most important starting points for any Mastercam engineer.

Getting Started

Unlock the power of Mastercam’s CAD and CAM features. Gain the confidence and expertise to unleash your creativity, turning your concepts into tangible results.

GETTING STARTED PROJECTS: CAD – In this course, you will learn about Mastercam’s 2D geometry creation tools. Knowledge of these tools is essential for many CAD and CAM features within Mastercam.

GETTING STARTED PROJECT: CAM – This is a quick-start course for CAM. By continuing with the CAD Model, you have already created from the “Getting Started Projects – CAD”, you will continue to Mastercam Milling features. You will learn some of the basic workflows for creating CNC programs to mill a simple part, including a flip to machine the back side, verification, and post processing.

User Interface

Understanding the user interface in Mastercam is the key to accessing your full potential. These courses provide essential knowledge and deep insights into the navigation, functionality, and advanced features, allowing users to be as efficient as possible.

TOUR THE INTERFACE – Here you will learn all about Mastercam’s Interface, ribbon navigation, mouse functionality, menus, hot keys, and much more. This course is essential for all Mastercam users.   

ADDITIONAL INTERFACE FUNCTIONS – This course is a deeper dive into Mastercam’s state-of-the art interface. Covering features that are a “must have” for serious Mastercam users.   

FILE MENU, BACKSTAGE – In this course, we cover the File Menu, also referred to as “The Back Stage”. This is where all your file functions are located, including printing, auto save, merge, CAD conversions, import/export, configuration, change recognition, file tracking, backups, migration, Mastercam community, and much more.   

VIEWS, PLANES, AND WCS – In this course, you will learn how to create planes in Mastercam. The (T)ool Plane, The (C)onstruction Plane, (G)raphics view and WCS (Work Coordinate System). These are essential tools for all Mastercam user types.   

ANALYZE TOOLS – Learn all about Mastercam’s many ways to analyze 2D and 3D wireframes, solid model integrity, model draft angle analysis, toolpaths, and more. It is critical to have a clear understanding and awareness of these features.   

GEOMETRY SELECTION AND CHAINING – In this course, you’ll learn all about Mastercam’s many geometry selection methods and chaining, which is key to most everything you do in Mastercam. 

Defining Toolpaths

Achieving familiarity with toolpath features and functions in Mastercam is a great way to enhance your productivity, while minimizing errors and waste in the manufacturing process. These courses provide essential knowledge on setting properties, chaining techniques, linking parameters, and tool setup. 

TOOLPATH INTRODUCTION – In this course, you will learn about selecting the CNC machine, setting the machine group properties, 2D and 3D chaining, Solid chaining, linking parameters and the associative linking option. This is an essential course for all CAM applications.  

DEFINING MILL TOOLS – In this course, you will learn how to set up cutting tools for milling in Mastercam. This includes all CAM applications that have a milling component such as Mill, Mill 3D, Mill with Lathe, Mill-Turn and Multi-Axis.  

TOOLPATH AND MACHINING MANAGEMENT – In this course, you will learn about Toolpath machining and management that is necessary for all CAM functionality within Mastercam.   

Mill Operations

Mastering the milling operations in Mastercam opens doors to increased precision, efficiency, and versatility in machining. By understanding and utilizing these industry-standard operations, professionals can achieve optimal stock removal, smooth surface finishes, and superior machining outcomes across various CNC mill types. 

HOLE MAKING TOOLPATHS – In this course, you will learn about all the Hole Making Toolpaths in Mastercam including: Drill (tap and Ream), Chamfer Drill, Advanced Drill, Tread Mill, Helix Bore, Slot Mill, Counter Sink and Change at Point.   

2D MILL TOOLPATHS – In this course, you will learn about the 2D toolpaths in Mastercam Mill. These toolpaths are also used for Router, Lathe with Mill, and Mill-Turn. A clear understanding of these toolpaths is essential for Mastercam professionals.   

2D HST & DYNAMIC TOOLPATHS – In this course, you will learn about the industry standard “Mastercam Dynamic” toolpath type. This is a material removal strategy that can be used on all CNC Mill types, Lathes with live tooling, Mill-Turn and CNC Routers. This should be your “Go-To” for stock removal, prior to finishing.   

3D MILL ROUGHING TOOLPATHS – In this course, you will learn about Mastercam’s various 3D roughing strategies for milling. This includes the standard “Mastercam Dynamic” Opti-Roug Toolpath type. This is a material removal strategy that can be used on all CNC Mill types, Lathes with live tooling, Mill-Turn and CNC Routers.  

3D MILL FINISHING TOOLPATHS – Here, you will learn about Mastercam’s various 3D HST finishing strategies for milling.   

Lathe Operations

Develop your understanding of lathe operations with these comprehensive courses in Mastercam. From programming lathe functions and setting up jobs, to exploring a wide range of toolpath types, these courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to maximize productivity and accuracy.  

LATHE INTRODUCTION – In this course, learn how to program Lathe in Mastercam. Machine selection, Lathe coordinate system, Job setup, Stock, Jaws and Lathe Tools are all covered.    

LATHE TOOLPATHS – Here, learn about the Lathe common parameters as well as the toolpath types and setting for Face, Rough, Finish, Drill, how to rough bore, finish bore, Contour Roughing, Variable depth roughing, how to set the chip break feature, and Dynamic Roughing.  

LATHE PART HANDLING – Learn about Lathe part handling – Stock Flipping, Lathe Tool Inspection, Pickoff, Pull and Cut Off (Part Off). This course is designed for Standard Mastercam Lathe post Processors.   

 LATHE WITH MILL: CROSS OPERATIONS – In this course, you will learn how to create cross operations using Lathe with Mill.   

LATHE WITH MILL: FACE OPERATIONS – Here, you will learn how to create face milling operations using Lathe with Mill. This also includes an example of radial cross milling.   

Explore our comprehensive library of courses in Mastercam and achieve the full potential of your design and manufacturing capabilities. From mastering the user interface and toolpath operations to delving into milling and lathe techniques, our courses empower you to work efficiently, reduce errors, and achieve superior results. Take the first step in your learning journey and dive into our diverse course offerings today! 

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