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From Fortune 500 companies to small machine shops, we’re improving CAD, CAM, and BIM training for organizations across multiple industries

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Since 2002, we’ve helped businesses in all kinds of industries optimize their engineering design training processes. Our members use SolidProfessor to equip their teams with the skills they need to take on everyday troubleshooting and solve complex design problems.

Life Sciences & Medical Device

FDA regulations, higher design risk, and increasing device complexity make medical product development a major challenge. Take it on confidently with the right training courses.

Key Courses for Life Sciences & Medical Device :

Industrial Equipment

For heavy equipment, packaging machinery, mold, tool & die, and other sectors, online training is a fast and effective way to start immediately closing skill gaps.

Key Courses for Industrial Equipment:


Manufacturers of all kinds can take advantage of online training to boost productivity and reduce costs from design and development to the production floor.

Key Courses for Manufacturing:

Aerospace & Defense

In aerospace and defense, maximizing performance and prioritizing safety go hand-in-hand. Equip your team to design for both needs with on-demand engineering design training.

Key Courses for Aerospace & Defense:

Consumer Products

Meet consumer demands for elegant product designs and unique features while reducing costs with online training.

Key Courses for Consumer Products:

Stay competitive in your industry

Get ahead with online engineering, manufacturing, and architectural design training for your business.


Achieve the level of efficiency and precision required by the energy industry. Improve specialized design skills to speed up prototyping and maintain a lean team.

Key Courses for Energy:


Extend the value of your software investments with online training for designing and manufacturing transportation vehicles and systems.

Key Courses for Transportation:


From the Internet of Things to virtual reality, we’re here to help your team take on Industry 4.0. Integrate electrical and mechanical design and keep your innovations streamlined.

Key Courses for High-Tech:

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SolidProfessor has been trusted by engineering teams at leading companies in every industry from medical device manufacturing to public transportation and many more.

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