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Now that we’ve covered the essential updates (fundamentals, sketching, parts and features, assemblies, and drawings and detailing) it’s time to dive into some more advanced topics. In this part of our ‘New in SolidWorks 2015’ series we take a look at the Sheet Metal section of Update Training for SolidWorks 2015. Update Training is packed with 46 unique lessons covering topics including, Fundamentals, Sketching, Parts and Features, Assemblies, Drawings & Detailing, Sheet Metal, and Weldments. Be sure to watch the free ‘Bent Lofted Bends’ tutorial video below for a sneak peak into the Update Training Sheet Metal course.

Update Training – Sheet Metal

When you work with Sheet Metal, you can either create your model as its own part file, or you can use references from other parts or assemblies to create it. Whatever method you use, there are certain features that you will use in many of your designs. In Update Training, we cover the big changes that you’ll find yourself using most often when creating your Sheet Metal parts. Learn about using PEM holes with Sheet Metal Parts, new capabilities when using the Lofted Bends feature, as well as when creating Mirror Sheet Metal Parts and Components. We’ll also cover the new options available when creating Flat Patterns of parts that have Sheet Metal Gussets. The introduction of Bent Lofted Bends in 2014 greatly increased the capabilities of the Lofted Bends feature in Sheet Metal. The feature still had some limitations though, most notably, a bent lofted bend could not be created unless the profile sketches were on parallel planes. This has been addressed in the SolidWorks 2015 update, and now a bent lofted bend can be created using non-parallel sketches. To create a bent lofted bend, we’ll first launch the command from the Sheet Metal tab, and select Bent as the manufacturing method. We’ll then select the sketches as the profiles, and you’ll see the preview of the lofted bend in the graphics area.  From here we can edit the parameters until the preview looks good, click ok, and the Bent Lofted Bend is created. Our last stop in this series is Weldments. Stay-tuned for more free SolidWorks 2015 tutorial videos! Did you miss Drawings & Detailing yesterday? Or AssembliesParts & FeaturesSketching, and Fundamentals last week? Check out these linked articles! Existing Members can log in and access the full course. Don’t have a SolidProfessor account yet? Sign up today!

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