How Your Students Can Take the Onshape Certification Exam for Free — Just by Studying for It


We created the Onshape Certification Voucher Pathway to help your students get certified in Onshape at no cost

In partnership with Onshape’s parent company PTC, SolidProfessor has created the Onshape Certification Voucher Pathway so your students can take the Certified Onshape Associate exam for free.

We know for many schools, budgets are tight. And at $50 per exam, getting your entire class, school, or district certified can add up quickly. The Onshape Certification Voucher Pathway will ensure that no school, educator, or student will have to pay out of pocket to take the exam.

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Onshape Certification Voucher

When your students study for the Onshape certification exam, they’ll earn a free voucher

To earn a Certified Onshape Associate exam voucher, instructors must assign students to complete the Certified Onshape Associate Beginner to Certification course in SolidProfessor.

Beginner to Certification is a combination of lessons from the following two courses:

Introduction to Onshape (3 hr 30 min)

  • Expert-guided video lessons
  • 26 practice exercises
  • Course comprehension exam
  • Technical Certificate

Certified Onshape Associate Prep (6 hr 36 min)

  • Expert-guided video lessons
  • 3 practice exercises
  • 4 practice exams
  • Technical Certificate

By the end of this Onshape training course, your students will master the following skillsets required to pass the Onshape certification exam:

  • Sketching
  • Feature creation
  • Multi-part modeling
  • Making edits
  • Mating parts
  • Defining motion in an assembly
  • Standard content
  • General drawing knowledge
  • Onshape drawing workflows
  • Understanding of cloud-based collaboration and sharing tools for projects and assignments

Bonus: Because the engineer who created our prep course also helped create the Certified Onshape Associate exam, you can feel confident that your students will be ready to pass the test on their first try.

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Integrate the Onshape certification prep course into your existing curriculum in a few steps

For your students to take our online, expert-guided prep course and earn a free Onshape certification exam voucher, you’ll need to be a SolidProfessor for Schools member.

If you’re not already a member, here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up to speak with an academic product specialist and get your questions answered.
  2. Then, we’ll assign you a dedicated customer success rep to get you started. Your customer success rep will be with you throughout your membership.

Already a member? Connect with your customer success rep or email to learn more and request your vouchers.

Watch a Free, On-demand Webinar: The Certified Onshape Associate: How to Prepare Your Students for Success

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