[Webinar] The Certified Onshape Associate: How to Prepare Your Students for Success

Learn everything you need to know to prepare your students to become Certified Onshape Associates

Whether you’ve been teaching your students Onshape for years, you recently switched your curriculum to the cloud-based CAD platform, or you’re still considering it, the Certified Onshape Associate exam is new to all.

That’s why the creators of the exam are hosting an exclusive webinar and discussion for educators. Get an inside look at the Certified Onshape Associate exam and how you can prepare your students to pass it.

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  1. What topics your students will be tested on
  2. How your students can get college and career ready by earning their Certified Onshape Associate
  3. Expert tips and tricks you can use to help prepare your students for the exam
  4. How your students can take the exam for free
  5. Answers to any questions you may have for our experts
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Your Webinar Hosts

Mark Cheli

Director of Education Experience

James Jepsen

Product Manager of Content R&D and Services