Gain the Essential Skills to Effectively Use AutoCAD 2018


2018 AutoCAD Essentials training course

Regardless of your needs for using AutoCAD, this course gives you the tools, knowledge, and skills to be successful. If you don’t have any experience using AutoCAD, you’ll establish a strong foundation and immediately get familiar with the interface, its components, and navigating the software. As you get further into the course, you’ll learn how the model and layout tabs are related, what layers are, and how to create viewports so you can highlight specific parts of your drawing.

2018 AutoCAD Essentials – Introduction to AutoCAD

Establishing drafting settings

Before you start working, learn how to setup your files by establishing units and limits, taking a deeper dive into layers, and going over different drafting settings. The drafting settings are particularly important since they determine how you can interact with your drawing, such as enabling the grid or object snap tracking to create more accurate drawings.

As a professional AutoCAD user, it’s essential to be comfortable and efficient with the most common drawing tools, such as polyline, hatch, and offset. We discuss how to display your models in the layout tabs, how to annotate with text and dimensions, and how to recycle geometry using blocks. Since these tools are used virtually every day, it’s critical to know these tools inside and out and understand best practices for using them.

2018 AutoCAD Essentials – Making a Block

Exporting and sharing drawings

For cases where you need to archive or share your drawings with others, you’ll learn how to plot, publish, and export your drawings.

Throughout this course, you’ll find practice exercises you can download and use to test your mastery of the concepts covered. Each practice exercise combines concepts from multiple lessons to challenge your understanding of the material, and point you toward reference lessons for additional review if needed.

When you complete the course and pass the practice quiz, you’ll receive a Technical Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise.

You’ll have a great foundation to build upon while getting comfortable enough with the software that you’ll be able to experiment and explore it on your own.

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