CAMWorks 3 Axis Mill Updated to 2016


Our CAMWorks 3 Axis Mill course has been updated from 2013 to 2016. This course is composed of 45 lessons and is 2.5 hours long.

About CAMWorks 3 Axis Mill

CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing, and the software is used to generate tool paths for CNC machines to manufacture parts. The CAMWorks interface runs directly in SOLIDWORKS, so the interface will look very familiar to you if you have used SOLIDWORKS before.

CAMWorks 3 Axis Mill courses

This course goes through the process of creating 3 axis features, setting up the machining strategy, and creating avoids to limit toolpath movements. Afterwards, we take a look at all the operation parameters that are unique to 3 Axis Milling and go through at least on example for each operation type. It’s important to note that this course assumes that the user is already familiar with the fundamentals and workflow of 2.5 Axis to generate machine code.

There are seven operation types that are unique to 3 Axis Milling in CAMWorks.

  1. Area Clearance Operation: this is the main operation and usually, the first one applied to a part. This operation removes a large portion of material while still leaving enough to run another operation.
  2. Z Level Operation: the Z level operation is a 3 axis finishing operation that creates horizontal cuts for varying Z depths.
  3. Flat Area Operation: a Flat Area Operation is a 3 axis operation type that delivers a 2.5 axis toolpath. It’s used to machine only the flat areas of a multi-surface feature.
  4. Pattern Project Operation: this operation lets you project several different pattern types down onto a multi-surface feature.
  5. Constant Step Over Operation: a constant step over operation is a finish operation that maintains a constant step over relative to the surface of a model. You can set the step over constant to either the 2-D plane or the 3-D volume.
  6. Pencil Mill Operation: this is a finish cycle that generates tool paths used to machine tight corner area.
  7. Curve Project Operation: perfect choice when you have sketch geometry that you want to project onto a 3 axis curved surface.

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