TolAnalyst has been updated for 2013


We’ve been developing the TolAnalyst course for our members since 2009. This course has been updated for SolidWorks 2013 and will show users how to best take advantage of the TolAnalyst and DimXpert tools in SolidWorks.

Many designers are familiar with the use of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD & T) in 2D drawings. With the emergence of 3D models, GD&T has been adapted to the 3D environment in SolidWorks. With SolidProfessor’s TolAnalyst course, you’ll learn how to use DimXpert in SolidWorks to fully define parts and assemblies with geometric dimensions and tolerances. You’ll also learn how to identify tolerances that are contributing to stack-ups by using TolAnalyst to perform a stackup analysis on assemblies. That way, you can make intelligent adjustments to your designs, and reduce manufacturing cost while ensuring design intent is met.

Watch a sample lesson from the course:


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