The SOLIDWORKS 2020 Updates You Need to Know


It’s that time of year for software updates, and SOLIDWORKS 2020 has finally arrived! Dassault Systemes has published an in-depth guide to What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2020. But if you don’t have time to read all 200 pages, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll go over six categories of the most useful updates in SOLIDWORKS 2020 that you can take advantage of to boost productivity and efficiency in your day-to-day design work. If you’re ready to try them out yourself, check out our SOLIDWORKS 2020 Update Training course to learn how.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 General Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2020 features a number of general usability improvements to help you navigate the software more efficiently and easily. Here’s what you can do with some convenient enhancements in this SOLIDWORKS update:

  • Log in to your SOLIDWORKS account from the welcome screen.
  • Use the new Materials Library search bar to quickly locate both SOLIDWORKS and custom materials.
  • Create markups with your mouse on a non-touch device.
  • Use the new Body Compare tool to overlay two bodies in the same file to identify differences in geometry.
  • Manage different printers, dimensions, and more with updates to the Print3D tool.
  • See all General Enhancement Updates >>

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Sketching Updates

These SOLIDWORKS updates introduce new tools to help you simplify the sketching process and work more quickly. Here’s what that entails:

  • Torsion Continuity Relation: Apply smooth curvature continuity between splines and other sketch entities for an easy transition.
  • Power Modify Pen Sketch Tool: Make modifications to existing geometry with simple sketch actions by using a pen or touch gestures. This is an extension of the Pen Sketch toolset.
  • Silhouette Entities: Quickly create sketch entities by selecting bodies or components and projecting the geometry onto a sketch plane.
  • Learn how to use the new SOLIDWORKS Sketching tools >>
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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Parts and Features Updates

The parts and features updates in SOLIDWORKS 2020 are centered around helping you be more efficient and speed up troubleshooting. Here’s a brief overview of what these features will help with:

  • Decimate MESH and BREP: Reduce the number of facets in a model so it’s easier to work with. Plus, add reference geometry.
  • Hole Definition: Measure the hole depth up to the tip and not just the shoulder with this new Hole Wizard and Advanced Hole feature.
  • Repairing missing fillets and chamfers: Repair all missing references in one click! Not all edges can be fixed this way, but it should save you some troubleshooting frustration.
  • Surfacing: Updates improve how Offset Surface handles failed faces. Plus, add a thicken direction when using the Thicken command.
  • See all Parts and Features Updates >>

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assemblies Updates

SOLIDWORKS 2020 updates for assemblies increase functionality and allow you to work more intuitively in this part of your design process. With these new Assembly features, you can:

  • View and publish Assembly Envelopes to bring in components from a top-level to an existing subassembly.
  • Re-associate external references to references in a new assembly by making a component flexible. This way, you can easily use general components in multiple assemblies.
  • Modify specific pattern instances in linear and circular component patterns. Plus, mirror orientation selection is more intuitive.
  • Explore the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assemblies updates >>

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Drawings Updates

Properly communicating your design intent is essential for fabricating your model. These SOLIDWORKS Drawings updates make this process easier and more accurate. Here’s how you can improve your Drawings in SOLIDWORKS 2020:

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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Structure Systems and Weldments Updates

For more advanced features like structure systems and weldments, SOLIDWORKS 2020 will help give you more control over your design environment. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create primary and secondary members with different profiles and various geometry in Structure System Mode.
  • Refine all of your structure’s corners in a single step with the corner treatment feature.
  • Control the end condition and the direction of extrusion when creating Point Length members.
  • Split primary members into smaller segments with existing geometry or by specifying a dimension.
  • And more! Check out SOLIDWORKS 2020 Update Training for all updates >>

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