Suggested Outline: Beginners to Certification Now Available for Students


Student CSWA Prep

Becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) can give students a major competitive advantage going into today’s job market. But with an average pass rate of 65%, anyone planning on taking the exam should also make sure they are well prepared by studying the essentials beforehand.

Our Suggested Outline: Beginners to Certification course is designed to help students learn the essential tools, functions, and skills required to pass the CSWA exam. Combining lessons from our Introduction to SOLIDWORKS, CSWA Prep, and SimulationXpress courses, this course will have students ready to pass the CSWA exam in just 6 hours.

CSWA Prep Course

The course is divided into three sections, starting with an Introduction to SOLIDWORKS. Designed for users new SOLIDWORKS, students will learn the basics of navigating the SOLIDWORKS interface, as well as how to create sketches, 3D models, basic assemblies, and 2D production drawings. Each section includes a walk-through lesson with downloadable part files so students can hone the skills they just learned by directly applying them to the SOLIDWORKS software.

Next, students will get an idea of the level of complexity and the types of questions they’ll see throughout the different sections of the CSWA exam. The CSWA Prep is divided up into 5 sections: Skills Review, Drafting Competencies, Basic/Intermediate Part Creation, Intermediate/Advanced Part Creation, and Assembly Creation.

The final section in the course is an overview of SimulationXpress, a user-friendly validation tool that lets users test models and predict how they’ll behave in real life situations without needing expertise in finite element analysis or design validation. By the end of this section, students will understand how to test their models and optimize a part to meet design criteria.

Sample Lesson

Once they have completed the Suggested Outline: Beginners to Certification course, students will not only have the knowledge and skills needed to pass CSWA exam, but will also be a proficient users of SOLIDWORKS for continued success in the future.

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