SOLIDWORKS File Management Now Available


Managing Files in SOLIDWORKS

If you’re not familiar with the proper procedures for moving, renaming, replacing, and performing common file management tasks, managing SOLIDWORKS files can be challenging. Most users learn about the relationships between part, assembly, and drawing files when they first begin using SOLIDWORKS. They also understand that assemblies and drawings have built-in pointers. These built-in pointers allow documents to find their relevant parts. When not found, assembly and drawing files become useless.

To avoid file management problems, SOLIDWORKS users need to preserve the integrity of the built-in pointers. Whether you’re renaming a file, copying a file, or creating a revision of a file, your assemblies and drawings must be able to find their correct parts by utilizing the correct methods.

Learn how to manage files within SOLIDWORKS using SolidProfessor’s File Management course. Included are SOLIDWORKS file structure explanations, file references, file associativity, and how to manage a multi-user environment. You’ll also master techniques and methodologies for users who do not currently use a PDM system.

SOLIDWORKS File Management Course

The SOLIDWORKS File Management course has a total of 9 lessons spanning 35 minutes and can be found in SolidProfessor’s Standard membership plan.

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