SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced API Now Available


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Advanced API Training Course Now Available

Add-ins allow SOLIDWORKS users to create applications and add functionality to SOLIDWORKS. Generally, they are used to make interface customizations like command tabs, command buttons, and PropertyManagers. The SOLIDWORKS Advanced API course takes members through the add-in creation process, from initiating a new project in Visual Studio using C# programming to installing the add-in in SOLIDWORKS.

You’ll build an add-in that allows users to create an exploded view for an active assembly configuration. If you’re working with large assemblies, you’ll save time and be able to view each component as they explode out gradually using this automation tool.

We strongly encourage you to start with our SOLIDWORKS API course before beginning SOLIDWORKS Advanced API to ensure you have a complete understanding of the basics of API’s. A majority of this course is spent programming, so a basic understanding of the C# language, OOP (object oriented programming) concepts, and previous usage of Visual Studio are also important.

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