SolidProfessor Premium now includes Flow Simulation!


We just made SolidProfessor Premium even better! Premium members can now access our popular Flow Simulation course at no additional cost.

SolidProfessor Premium is the ultimate resource for SolidWorks users. Face any design challenge with a comprehensive library of lessons, part exercises, tips and tricks, and more. Whether you’re new to SolidWorks or a CSWP, SolidProfessor Premium will help you keep your skills sharp with time saving solutions and best practices to complex design and analysis challenges.

SolidProfessor’s SolidWorks Flow Simulation course teaches users the fundamentals of using Flow Simulation to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer effects within parts and assemblies before manufacturing. Users will be able to test their SolidWorks models and predict how various flow conditions might impact their designs. Learn how to optimize designs and prevent costly design errors prior to having any prototypes manufactured.

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