SolidProfessor and MakerBot Give 3D Printers to San Diego Schools


At SolidProfessor, we believe everyone should have access to learning resources and technologies. For many schools however, technologies like 3D printers are both out of budget and out of curriculum. We jumped at the chance to partner with MakerBot and help expand the learning capabilities of schools who previously did not have access to 3D printers.

3D printers allow students to bring their computer-aided designs to life; students get to see their designs materialize right before them. To further ensure the democratization of knowledge we strive to achieve, we chose five different schools that encompass a wide range of students in the San Diego region to offer these printers to:

Millennial Tech Middle School: Millennial Tech Middle School focuses on cultivating their students’ science, technology, engineering, and mathematic skills to enhance their motivation to excel academically and become productive citizens and global leaders.

King-Chavez Preparatory School: A community school for 6-8th graders, King-Chavez Preparatory School is a nationally renowned school that seeks to produce academic, artistic, and athletic excellence in all students. King-Chavez schools, including its preparatory school, are focused on closing the achievement gap between urban communities and their suburban counterparts. Through promoting social justice through educational reform, King-Chavez Preparatory School looks to develop local leaders among its students.

Clairemont High School: Clairemont High School is a linked learning demonstration school looking to offer a challenging educational experience within a safe, welcoming, and caring environment that brings the best out of each and every student. In addition to providing a traditional high school experience, Clairemont also offers all students the opportunity to participate in one of four Linked Learning Academies: Academy of Business, Academy of Engineering Design, Academy of Health & Medical Science, and the Academy of Information Technology.

The Engineering students used their new 3D printer to partner with the Art Club and Environmental Science students and work with Mrs. Berlin, Ms. Friedrich and Mr. Oka in association with the AquaWISER organization to design and create an exhibit, “Mad About Saving Water” that educates viewers about saving water at home.  This exhibit featured an Eco-House with two appliances, a shower and washing machine (blowing bubbles activated by a motion sensor) that funnel grey water into a bio swale ecosystem in the yard.  The metal roof collects rain water into a rain barrel for irrigation and use in the aquaponics system. Other water conservation features are drought and grey water tolerant plants, semi-permeable paving, and artificial turf. The most water intensive plants are grouped together in a raised bed to minimize water waste. The exhibit won a BLUE Ribbon, the San Diego Floral Association Award, the San Diego Horticulture Society Earth Friendly Garden Award, and Best Educational Garden at the San Diego County Fair!

San Diego City College: San Diego City College provides lower division and general education courses that lead to certificates, associate degrees, or transfer to a four-year college or university. Career technical education programs strive to meet specific industry needs, improve the employment skills of students, and fulfill licensing requirements of the state of California to assist and support all students in meeting their educational goals


SolidProfessor Technology Grant Program

In addition to our MakerBot 3D printer giveaway, SolidProfessor provides a Technology Grant Program all year long for schools to access our industry-leading curriculum at a fraction of the commercial price. To apply for a SolidProfessor Technology Grant visit


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