Fusion 360: Sketch Course


Most CAD models, no matter their complexity, are created from an initial sketch. This sketch can be used to create a variety of 3D geometry, and can even create multiple 3D features. This makes sketching one of the most important aspects of working in Fusion 360.

The Fusion 360 Sketching course not only walks through detailed examples of how to use the various sketching tools, such as drawing lines, circles, arcs, and splines, but the course also focuses heavily on how to create a sketch so that it leads to the desired geometry. This concept of “design intent” drives all sketching decisions, and is discussed in relation to the sketching tools featured in this course.

Fusion 360: Sketch Philosophy

Creating sketches is inherently a hands-on process, which becomes more intuitive with practice. This Fusion 360 Sketching course provides hands-on exercises to help you improve your sketching skills, all within the context of maintaining the sketch’s design intent. Each exercise ends with a walkthrough video, guaranteeing that your sketches are done correctly and can be used as the foundation to create robust 3D models.

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