Oklahoma Career Tech Uses SolidProfessor in Career Clusters to Provide CAD Training and Certification to Students and Teachers


Career Clusters, developed by Oklahoma Career Tech, is an innovative organizational tool that groups occupations together based on commonalities. Schools use these clusters to help students identify pathways from secondary school to career and technology education, colleges, graduate schools and the workplace. The Career Clusters show students how what they are learning in school today connects with their success in postsecondary education/training and future careers.

There are 29 Technology Centers throughout the state of Oklahoma, serving both high school and adult learners with specialized career training. A pilot program in select Technology Centers have adopted SolidProfessor, an online learning resource specializing in engineering and design, within their classrooms to prepare students for their SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk certifications in Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

SolidProfessor Education Specialists Rei Rivera and Matt May were able to see Oklahoma Career Tech’s success firsthand at the 48th Annual Oklahoma Career and Technology Summer Conference in Tulsa, OK on August 3rd – 4th, 2015.

Todd Anderson, lead CAD/Robotics instructor for Green Country Technology Center shared some of the results he had seen firsthand in his classes. “SolidProfessor is a valuable resource for my students. The training is great for the students to get exposed to the software and its full capabilities. It’s also a turn-key ready professional development resource for instructors to become more knowledge with the software they teach.”

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Technology Centers that have successfully adopted SolidProfessor in their classrooms: Autry Technology Center, Francis Tuttle Tech Center, Kiamichi Tech Center, Indian Capital Tech Center, Southern Oklahoma Tech Center, Meridian Technology Center and Tulsa Technology Center.

Tony Glockler
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