SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essentials for Parts and Assemblies Now Available!


Fundamental SOLIDWORKS 2017 Training

SOLIDWORKS Core Concepts for Parts and Assemblies is now called SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Parts and Assemblies. This course is designed to help learners build a solid conceptual foundation in the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS. It is concept-based, so you can watch the 109 lessons in any order (not necessarily from start to finish!), and it covers a wide variety of topics including sketching, sketched features, applied features, reference geometry, design strategies, configuration and design tables, and assemblies. Each lesson includes downloadable part files, allowing learners to follow along and practice.


  • Introduction to Sketching: Covers the basic sketching tools, the sketch environment, and how to add dimensions and geometric relations to sketches.
  • Sketch Tools: Goes beyond basics and takes a look at  more advanced sketching tools.

Part Modeling

  • Sketched Features: Covers all the sketched based features available in SOLIDWORKS such as, Extruded and Revolved Bosses, Extruded and Revolved Cuts, Sweeps, and Lofts.
  • Applied Features: Covers the features available in SOLIDWORKS that can be applied directly to model geometry.
  • Reference Geometry: Takes a look at creating different types of reference geometry in part models.
  • Patterns and Mirroring: Goes over SOLIDWORKS ability to pattern and mirror multiple features and bodies.
  • Introduction to Part Modeling: Covers how to start modeling a part and how to include design intent while modeling.

Analyzing Parts:

  • Editing Parts and Design Changes: Goes over the process of making changes to part models and SOLIDWORKS parent-child relationships.
  • Troubleshooting Parts: Cover how to fix errors and warnings in both sketches and parts.
  • Analyzing Parts Properties: Discusses how to apply materials to part models and how to evaluate the mass and material properties of part models.


  • Configurations: Goes over how to create multiple configurations in a single part file and how to make design changes across multiple configurations.
  • Design Tables: Cover how to incorporate the design tables into part models and how they can be used to create and edit different configurations.


  • Assembly Model: Goes over the process of creating an assembly, inserting multiple components, and the different type of mates available in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Analyzing Assemblies: Covers how to detect interferences between components in an assembly, detect collision between moving components, and analyzing the mass properties of an assembly.

SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Parts and Assemblies is included in SolidProfessor Standard memberships. Members can log in to check out SOLIDWORKS 2017 Essentials for Parts and Assemblies. 

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