New SolidProfessor Course: SOLIDWORKS Visualize


We are excited to announce our first release of the SolidProfessor SOLIDWORKS Visualize course, new for 2016!

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Visualize, formerly known as Bunkspeed, is a stand-alone rendering software that’s included with a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license. Learn to create photo-realistic renderings from 3D models or even create a model that appears as a real life product by combining tools like background settings, reflective environments, emissive materials, motion blur, and much more.

What you’ll learn

Learn to apply appearances, one of the most rewarding aspects of the Visualize workflow, giving realistic appearances to individual parts in the model. Each appearance is defined by one of fifteen appearance types which determine the base look of the appearance. These types can be simple paint colors or have complex transparencies and reflections to look like highly realistic glass or metal.

The lighting for the render is then determined by the environment that’s added which has settings for brightness and shadows. If you have a specific image you want to use as a back drop, such as placing a car on a stretch of a coastal road, you can insert a backplate behind the model to serve as the background image. Learn to apply filters that change the mood of the composition as well as add depth of field to add focus to the final image.

All of these aspects are combined to produce a single high fidelity image, displaying the model with the exact colors, lighting, and surrounding scene you want with an incredibly high level of realism.

If you’re new to SolidProfessor, create a free account to check out the first five videos of the course or upgrade to a SolidProfessor Professional or Premium membership to view all 28 lessons in the course!

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