MATLAB Essentials Now Available!


Announcing MATLAB Essentials!

Following up on the success of our Introduction to MATLAB course, we’re excited to release MATLAB Essentials. This course is designed to help practicing engineers, as well as students, take their skills to the next level by providing a strong foundation for developing programs to solve problems using the techniques relied upon by professionals.

MATLAB Essentials includes 57 in-depth conceptual lessons covering topics including:

  • Vectors
  • Arrays
  • Matrices
  • Graphing
  • Input and output
  • Conditionals
  • Selection structures
  • Loops
  • Best programming practices
  • Debugging tools

Learn about MATLAB’s newest coding environment, the Live Editor, it’s associated features with Live Scripts, the .mlx format, and more.

About the Author

The MATLAB Essentials course was written by Dr. Anna Haywood, who holds a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Bioengineering, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout her academic and professional career, Dr. Haywood has conducted much of her research using MATLAB, and taught MATLAB at Arizona State University.

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