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At SolidProfessor, we are always striving to provide our users with not only the best content we can deliver, but the most up to date as well. Today, we are excited to announce the release of five new Mastercam X8 courses: 2D Mill, 3D Mill, Lathe, 4-Axis, and 5-Axis. The X8 release of Mastercam is significant, featuring numerous improvements over the previous version including a sleek new graphical interface, improved workflow, toolpath advancements, and new solid model editing techniques.

Check out a sample video lesson from the Mastercam X8 – Mill 3D coursemastercam x8 gifUsers familiar with our existing Mastercam X7 content will instantly recognize the project-based learning approach featured in these new courses. Since we at SolidProfessor are huge proponents of learning by doing, you can apply what you’ve learned in the courses using the hands-on activities included with each lesson. These courses are intended for beginner through advanced users who are seeking the Mastercam skills to improve their overall efficiency and accuracy while learning the new tools and techniques featured in the latest Mastercam software.

  • In the Mill 2D and 3D courses, you learn how to create geometry and toolpaths in 2D and 3D, increasing speed and efficiency when milling parts on Vertical CNC Milling machines.
  • The Lathe course features in-depth tutorials on how to create 2D geometry and toolpaths for turning parts on a CNC Lathe with a variety of techniques and verification tools to ensure that your parts are correctly designed and manufactured the first time.
  • The 4-Axis and 5-Axis courses will instruct you on how to create toolpaths for milling parts on both 4-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Milling machines with total control over toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis. This level of control translates to accurate cuts and quick turnaround time for even your most difficult jobs.

All of SolidProfessor’s Mastercam X8 courses are taught from the perspective of an industry professional and include printable, hands-on exercises to test your skills along with downloadable part files so you can easily follow along. With this wide-ranging Mastercam learning experience, you’ll gain the insight and skills to become a Mastercam expert in no time!

Post written by: Chris Berean
chris Chris is an Applications Engineer with SolidProfessor and has held various engineering, product design and marketing roles at manufacturing companies including Lutron Electronics and Hunter Douglas. Chris holds a degree in Architecture from Temple University and is the prototypical Philadelphia sports fanatic. When he’s not designing, he can be found enjoying the beautiful San Diego scenery. 

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