Learning the Basics and Developing a Foundation in Inventor


2018 Introduction to Inventor training course

Our 2018 Introduction to Inventor course gets you up and running with Inventor in just a few hours.

  • Learn the fundamental skills you need to create parts, assemblies, and drawings.
  • Download part files to follow along with each lesson to get comfortable navigating the Inventor interface.

Introduction to Inventor – Course Introduction

Once you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the foundation to dive into any other Inventor course in our Library. Creating sketches to generate parts, bringing parts together to create assemblies, and creating 2D drawings to document your models allows you to contribute to an engineering team no matter the department.

Introduction to Inventor – Positioning Parts

Whether you’re designing roller coasters, helicopters, or guitars, mastering the fundamentals of Inventor will save you time, reduce costs, and shorten lead time. From modeling the individual blades on a simple rotor to assembling and documenting a helicopter rotor system, and sending it to manufacturing, you’ll be able to document and visualize every step of the design and manufacturing process in Inventor.

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