Inventor Basic Mechanism Now Available


Inventor Basics

Autodesk Inventor is used by a wide range of designers and manufacturers of mechanical components, including machinery, tools, and consumer products.

Inventor Course

In the Autodesk Inventor Basic Mechanism course, you will learn to model each of the components needed to create a door latch design, including both parts and sub-assemblies. To create the final design, you will constrain all the components together to create a working and movable mechanism in Inventor.

Inventor Exercises

This course is unique in its use of hands-on exercises. By focusing on a series of hands-on exercises, this course primarily teaches you by doing.

Autodesk Inventor Basic Mechanism - Door Latch

Each lesson features an interactive walk through exercise containing the details required to design each component of the mechanism. Once completed, watch a walk-through video providing an example of how to design the component.

Inventor Basic Mechanism is included in SolidProfessor’s Standard membership plan.

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