Course Release: Introduction to 3D Printing


3D printing is seemingly everywhere – in the media, online, and even in TV shows. But, what’s all this hype about, and what can you REALLY do with 3D printing? We have partnered up with Honeypoint 3D, a leader in 3D Printing and 3D Printing Education, to bring our members this course because we have seen thousands of people enjoy a burst of creativity and raw possibility using 3D printing.


3D printing with consumer-level 3D printers is not exactly plug and play, so it’s good to get an understanding of the technologies and processes used in 3D Printing, and set expectations correctly before going out and printing objects for yourself. This course will help you navigate the landscape of all the 3D printing technologies available to you, as well as help you understand how you will be able to use 3D printing with your current 3D CAD skills. But, even if you don’t currently have any experience at all with 3D modeling, this course will show you free resources you can use to start modeling with right away, as well as more advanced tools you can use to turn yourself into the next great product designer.

Course Sample: 3D Printing Introduction

In the course, we detail the types of consumer printers available to all of us, and for those times when you need to create objects that are made out of more exotic materials, how you can get your creations printed on printers ranging from $60,000 all the way up to a $1 million. We cover some specifics on the software you can use, as well as some more technical information on what to expect if you decide to own a printer for yourself.

Whether you outsource your printing or do it yourself, 3D printing is a fantastic process that lets you physically hold things in your hand that before, only existed in the computer. If you are an experienced CAD user, this is revelatory – you can actually feel what your designs do and how they work, instead of just imagining it. We are happy to bring this course to our members so that you can experience the burst of creativity and raw possibility that 3D Printing has to offer.

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