In-depth Training on Creating Complex Geometry in SOLIDWORKS


2018 SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts

As you start working with more complex models, the types of tools and features needed to create them naturally become more complex as well. In this Advanced Parts course, you’ll master the tools and features needed to model complex designs with ease.

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts – About this Course

The two defining characteristics of consumer product design are an aesthetically pleasing appearance and an ergonomic feel. To achieve the fluid curves and smooth texture consumer products necessitate, you must eliminate machined edges and transitions. You’ll drastically improve your designs by mastering the advanced fillet types explained in this course, which will give you more control over the curvature of your fillets and can be added to complex surfaces.

For mechanical and industrial designs, you’ll learn how to create unique geometry with smooth transitions, for items such as springs and bottles, using sweeps, lofts, and boundaries. Without a strong understanding of advanced part design, a bottle would likely be made with a slew of extrudes stacked on top of each other. The most efficient approach (taught in this course) uses a single loft, resulting in a completely continuous and smooth bottle. You’ll also learn metal, plastic, and multibody part design to round out your knowledge of mechanical and industrial designs.

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Parts – Partial Ellipse

Working with surfaces and weldments requires a robust understanding of 3D sketches, splines, and curves. The foundational knowledge from this course allows you to create shapes otherwise deemed impossible, design welded or bolted objects, and pass the CSWP Advanced Topic Certifications for surfacing and weldments. CSWP Advanced Topic Certifications can be a great stepping stone for earning your CSWE and is also valuable accreditations you can add to your resume.

By the end of this course you’ll have the foundation needed to begin working on specialty topics like Weldments, Surfacing, and Mold Tools, and take your first steps towards CSWP Advanced Topic Certifications.

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