DraftSight for AutoCAD Users Now Available


Learn DraftSight for AutoCAD

AutoCAD shares a number of aesthetic similarities with DraftSight. You can use either program to create 2D drawings and both use the same file format. While DraftSight does not have as many features as AutoCAD, it is an inexpensive, nimble alternative.

Our DraftSight for AutoCAD Users course is designed to help you easily switch between programs. By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable with DraftSight’s menus, terminology, and interface, and be able to determine if DraftSight or AutoCAD better meets your needs.

Draftsight and AutoCAD Skills

Learn which commands carry over from AutoCAD into DraftSight and master features exclusive to DraftSight like:

    • Mouse Gestures
    • Options Toolbar
    • Trapezoid Command
    • Flip
    • SaveAll and CloseAll
    • QuickGroup
    • MassProperties
    • Recently Opened Documents
    • Tool Matrix

Sample Lesson

DraftSight for AutoCAD Users is included in SolidProfessor’s Standard membership plan.

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