Designing Parts and Assemblies with Inventor


2018 Autodesk Inventor Essentials for Parts and Assemblies

Autodesk Inventor is used across diverse disciplines, including machine design, industrial equipment, transportation, and consumer products. Inventor offers various solutions to help you integrate, design, analyze, and manufacture your products.

2018 Inventor Essentials for Parts and Assemblies – Introduction

In our Inventor Essentials for Parts and Assemblies course, you’ll learn how to create individual parts, quickly and efficiently assemble them into components, making complete products.

The course covers:

  • How to use sketch features, like sweeps and lofts, to design aesthetically pleasing products
  • How to quickly create and control the spacing between holes using patterns, making it easy to update your products
  • Managing multiple variations of components to create families of parts using iParts
  • Properly assembling parts to create working models

The commands and features discussed in this course give you the tools needed to create basic models. For instance, maybe you want to design a miniature catapult for your desk.

catapult inventor essentials

To assemble the catapult, you’ll need to create the frame, the bucket, the wheels, and the arm. The bucket will need to be hollowed out using the shell command, a common placed feature used for cast and molded parts. A circular sketch will be extruded to create a simple 3D wheel. The beams of the frame may differ in length, thickness, and material, but all necessary variations can be managed with iParts, saving you design time. Once all of the parts are created, you’ll bring them together into an assembly. They’ll need to be properly positioned and mated, and you’ll learn the various techniques to for completing the assembly based on your assembly preferences.

2018 Inventor Essentials for Parts and Assemblies – Assemble

By the end of this course, you’ll have a strong understanding of sketching, the sketch and placed features, pattern geometries, and assemblies. Leverage iParts and various design strategies to rapidly iterate your models and reduce overall design time. We recommend completing the Introduction to Inventor course before you dive into this Essentials course.

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