Course Update: 2017 Inventor Sheet Metal


Inventor Sheet Metal tutorial

Check out the latest update to our Autodesk Inventor course with 2017 Inventor Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal parts are thin-walled parts that are created by cutting and bending flat sheets of metal into the desired shape. You can use Sheet Metal for a wide variety of applications such as cars, airplanes, HVAC systems, brackets, electronic housings, household appliances, and home decorations.

The 2017 Inventor Sheet Metal course introduces the basic Sheet Metal tools that you need to get started creating Sheet Metal parts in Inventor.

  • Learn how to create flanges, corner seams, hems, and how to cut across bends.
  • Understand how to take a standard part and convert it to a Sheet Metal Part.
  • Learn how to create sheet metal drawings, including inserting both the folded pattern and flat pattern into the drawing.
  • Finally, see how to export the flat pattern into a DXF format for use in fabrication drawings and manufacturing.

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