Course Update: 2016 SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


We have just released 2016 SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for our SolidProfessor for Teams members!

PDM is an acronym that stands for Product Data Management. The data it includes all SOLIDWORKS files as well as non-SOLIDWORKS files like Microsoft Word and Excel files, Artwork files, Procedures, and even files from other CAD programs. SOLIDWORKS PDM automatically manages files that might have extremely complex relationships, such as Assemblies and files with references or attachments. The interface gives you a clear picture of which documents have these relationships and references. SOLIDWORKS PDM lets you easily see where a component is used, create reports, and use search functionality to look for specific items.

When you work with SOLIDWORKS PDM, depending on your job function and the files you’ll be working with from the Vault, you’ll be working with either the PDM Viewer, the Contributor, or CAD Editor. In the 2016 SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional course, you will learn the essential knowledge and skills needed to access and manage files in the Vault, including how to Check-In and Check-Out files, search the Vault, add revisions, learn a workflow, manage file references, create a Bill of Materials, create new documents, and much more. This course builds on all of the necessary skills necessary for interacting with SOLIDWORKS PDM, so if you are a Contributor, we recommend going through all of the lessons in the Viewer and Contributor sections so that you learn all the tools that you’ll need.

PDM Professional was previously known as SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM. This course is available to our SolidProfessor for Teams members only. To learn more about SolidProfessor for Teams, schedule an online tour.

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