Case Study – Parts And Assemblies – Updated For 2013!


Our development team has been hard at work updating our library for SolidWorks 2013. We’re excited to announce that Case Study – Parts and Assemblies is now updated for 2013!

Case Studies are a departure from our concept-based method of instruction, these project-based tutorials feature real-world designs and mechanisms. The case study includes instructions as well as PDF files so you can try the design on your own, and each is followed up with video lessons that demonstrate each step for creating them in SolidWorks.

Drew Adams, Product Development Manager at SolidProfessor comments “Concept-based instruction has some distinct advantages for learning SolidWorks, so users can really understand how the software works. With the addition of these project-based case studies, users can take their knowledge and understanding to the next level by applying their skills on real-world examples that everyone can relate to.”

Exercises in the Case Study range from household mechanisms, like a door latch, to the complex geometry found in consumer products, such as a detergent bottle or energy-efficient light bulb.

Watch a sample lesson from the course:

parts and assemblies case study

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