Becoming Proficient in Order to Teach SOLIDWORKS


“SolidProfessor has really improved the engagement in my classes” – Lynda Pickette


Lynda Pickett, a professor at Chattanooga State Community College, teaches two SOLIDWORKS classes with SolidProfessor. In the following Success Story, we hear from Lynda about the challenges she faces as an instructor, and about how she’s utilized SolidProfessor in her classes.


“We’re trying to cram so much information into a 15-week course that we don’t have time to revisit topics. It’s a really big deal if a student misses a day. We used to use a step-by-step SOLIDWORKS book, but very few of my students were learning effectively with it. They wouldn’t stop and process why they’re doing what they’re doing – they’d just follow the steps. After a couple of semesters of that, with students coming to me for help after each exercise, I knew I had to look for an alternative.”


“I found SolidProfessor when I was acquiring SOLIDWORKS for a high school class I teach. The educational reseller promoted SolidProfessor, and after using it to expand my own SOLIDWORKS skills, I knew my students would get more out of it than the other options I’d tried.”

“I use SolidProfessor as a supplement for my class. I teach one night a week, so if someone misses a day, they need something to help them catch up. I’ve found that SolidProfessor is a great way to accomplish that. The students are much more likely to interact with SolidProfessor videos versus reading out of a textbook.”

“I looked at every book I could get my hands on, from every major publisher. SolidProfessor is easy to navigate, and the search tool makes it easy for students to find what they need to learn. When I need to teach my students how to use a tool in SOLIDWORKS, it’s usually just a single video that shows them everything they need to know. That’s something you can’t get anywhere else.”


“SolidProfessor answered my own questions about SOLIDWORKS and helped me learn more advanced topics. I was able to increase my own proficiency so that I was confident in what I was teaching my students. Instead of relying on a book, I could teach the material from my own knowledge. SolidProfessor has really improved the engagement in my classes.”

“I’ve found that around 25% of my students are going to succeed with or without my help, and 50% are going to lean on me for help, but ultimately are able to figure it out on their own. The last 25% need hand holding and extra attention, and SolidProfessor provides me with that support that I can’t get anywhere else. With SolidProfessor, I’m able to ensure that all of my students end up on the same page at the end of class.”

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