Autodesk Revit 2016 for Beginners Course

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Autodesk Revit has become the premier building information modeling software for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors. It is an incredibly robust and powerful application that has become widely adopted by industry professionals and leading design firms.

We developed our 2016 Revit for Beginners course as an entry point for those just getting started or new to architectural design using Revit. Our goal for this course is to make users comfortable with the most essential tools and functions in Revit within just an hour or two so that they can begin creating professional architectural models and construction documents.

For users getting started with Revit, it is essential to get comfortable with the user interface, grid and elevation layouts, wall and column creation, and designing floors and roofs to name a few. Our course includes 42 video lessons, which continually add elements and features within a single building model. This gives you the ability to walk through the entire course and apply the skills in each lesson to the model. As with other SolidProfessor courses, we focus on providing extremely clear and concise instruction as well as an emphasis on production quality so that all of the lessons have extremely high fidelity and clarity. Our goal with every course and lesson we produce is to provide amazing learning experiences for people to gain new skills.

Watch a Sample Video From the Course

revit-sample-video This course was designed for both linear and non-linear learners. In other words, it can be taken in a linear progression from start to finish, or alternatively, since the lesson plan is divided up into bite sized conceptual topics, it also makes a great “just-in-time” resource to get answers about specific topics when you need them. Because our search tool indexes every word that is spoken in each video, it makes finding exactly what you are looking for in the course fast and easy.

This course is available in our Revit memberships including “Revit Architecture” and “Revit Architecture, Structure & MEP”. The 2016 Revit for Beginners course is a great platform to get started and get comfortable with Revit to take full advantage of the knowledge and instruction that are covered in our upper level, professional workshops on Revit. Existing members can log in to start learning now. Don’t have an account? Create a free account today.

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