Are you ‘Flipping’ Your Classroom?


You don’t have to look very far to hear people talking about “Flipped Learning” or “Flipped Classrooms” in education. It is a fast growing model that many teachers find indispensable, especially as it relates to teaching Computer-Aided Design.

Flipped learning is a technology-driven teaching method which derives its name from “flipping” the traditional model of lectures in the classroom followed by exercises as homework. With more than 10,000 teachers now belonging to the Flipped Learning Network, and many more around the world using these methods, there’s a good chance many educators have already heard this term, know a colleague who is having success with it, or are using it already.

Flipped learning works like this: Lecture topics become homework and what was traditional homework becomes class time used for practice, exercises, collaboration and review. This is a powerful shift because valuable face time with students can be used for diving deeper into the topics the students already reviewed before class. The key to success in this model is having access to reliable and effective video-resources for students to access at home so they are well prepared for exercises in class. Enter SolidProfessor.

SolidProfessor coursework is structured perfectly for the Flipped Learning model. An instructor can assign a group of lessons to their students, like Basic Part Design. Then the students review the lessons at home – the teacher can verify that they watched the lessons in their SolidProfessor admin portal – and in the next class session can assist students with exercises provided.

Part of the underlying success that permeates the Flipped Classroom model is a methodology called 70/20/10. SolidProfessor has designed our latest SolidWorks fundamentals course around this concept and next week we’ll take a closer look at this course and how to use this in your classroom for greater success with your students.

John Farmer
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