Advanced Parts has been updated for 2013!


We’ve been developing Advanced Parts for our members since 2005, each year making it even better! This course is now updated for SolidWorks 2013 and features many great enhancements. With more than 70 unique lessons and 3 hours of content you’ll find exactly what you need to master Parts in SolidWorks.

This course provides you with a comprehensive look at the features and options for advanced part design in SolidWorks. Topics include: 3D Sketching, Curve Creation, Advanced Fillets, Advanced Sweeps, Lofts, Ribs, Multibody Parts, Flex, Wrap, and more. If you’ve already gone through our Core Concepts course, or are looking for more in depth training to learn how complex geometry can be created in SolidWorks, this is the course for you!

Watch a sample lesson from the course:


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