Advanced Assemblies has been updated for 2014

We’ve been developing the Advanced Assemblies course for our members since 2005. This course is now updated for SolidWorks 2014 and with over 50 unique lessons and nearly 3 hours of content members will find exactly what they need to master Assemblies within SolidWorks. SolidWorks Advanced Assemblies was designed to build on the Core Concepts foundation for assembly design. In this course you will learn topics such as Assembly Structure, Assembly Features, Component Patterns, Advanced Mates, Troubleshooting Mates, Assembly Configurations, and Top-Down Assembly Design. This course is ideal for experienced users as well as new users having completed our Core Concepts and SolidWorks for Beginners courses. It also serves as an excellent reference tool for users of all skill levels. Log in or sign up for a free account to take advantage of this course! Questions? Contact us! 

John Farmer
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