Accurately Communicate Your Designs with CATIA Drawings


CATIA V5 Drawings training course

3D Models are usually documented in two-dimensional drawings. With CATIA, you can take your 3D Models and convert them into the 2D drawing format used throughout the manufacturing process.

Our CATIA Drawings course will show you how to accurately communicate your designs to manufacturing by creating drawing views, customizing your view options, and using a variety of dimensioning tools.

CATIA Drawing Tutorial – Introduction to CATIA V5 Drawings

To draw attention to obscure features of your model or emphasize significant ones, you need to be able to show your design from various perspectives. You’ll learn how to create views that allow you to isolate and enlarge specific features of your model. Once created, you can customize your views to adjust the positioning, scale, and coloring of your model to suit the needs of your intended audience.

Drawing in CATIA

Using CATIA’s dimensioning tools, you can accurately convey detailed measurements and numeric values of the shapes in your drawings to manufacturing. We’ll show you how to create datums, balloons, tables, and text with CATIA’s annotation features to add descriptive information to your drawings.

CATIA V5 Drawings Training Course

Finally, you’ll learn how to make routine tasks like view creation, bill of material creation, and dimensioning/annotating even easier using some of CATIA’s automation features.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to create drawings that empower your manufacturing team to bring your model to life.

CATIA V5 training courses

Note: we recommended you finish our Introduction to CATIA and CATIA Essentials courses before starting CATIA Drawings. Familiarity with 3D modeling will also help you get the most out of this course.

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