99 Must-Know Methods and Properties of the SolidWorks API


Rather than simply telling you about the 99 must-know methods, in this workshop Keith Rice, of CADSharp LLC, will walk us through a case study that allows us to use them all in a single macro!

Introducing the Case Study

Imagine that you are a lead design engineer for XYZ Corporation, which designs machine components for various industries. Lately you have been placed on a team that creates a simple crank mechanism based on customer specifications. The crank consists of a shaft, arm and handle. Material options include steel or aluminum. The shaft and arm are chosen by the customer and assembled by a co-worker. You are then tasked with creating the handle component, adding the handle to the assembly, ensuring that safety standards are met in the arm and handle design, creating the final drawing, and then saving it all out as a pack and go .ZIP file, which another engineer will pass on to the manufacturer. Since the only handle specifications that differ from customer to customer are based on the specifications of the arm component, you realize that the entire process can be automated.

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