You Have the Power: Create Your Own Classes and Streamline Student Enrollment


We’re excited to share new features that will make managing your classes and enrolling students easier. Read more below for information about new functionality that both allows you to create your own classes and also allows students to enroll in multiple classes (and fix mistakes if they pick the wrong class!)

  –Megan Davidson Director of Customer Success

Create Your Own Classes

No need to request new classes from us!

We heard your feedback, and we’re really happy to announce that you can now create your own classes in the Classes section of your Dashboard any time you want:

You’ll now manage settings for each of your classes here too – click the ellipsis to update test and video player settings, add additional information about your class, and choose what classes are available for students to select during enrollment  by adding a class code or setting a class status as “published” or “unpublished”:

Students Pay Once Every 12 Months

…and enroll in whatever classes they need

We’re also making our student memberships more accessible to students taking multiple classes that use SolidProfessor. Instead of charging per class, we’ll charge students once every 12 months, and they can enroll in whatever classes they’re taking that year. To make this change, we’ve moved class enrollment out of our Student Store and into the Classes section of the Dashboard. Along with this move comes the ability for students to leave classes, either because the academic term has finished or because students selected the wrong one when enrolling.

Nervous about students enrolling in your class at whim? We have a new feature for you: add a class code to limit your roster to students with whom you share the code.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about these changes, I’m just a call or an email away! 

Megan Davidson Director of Customer Success (619) 376-1451


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