2017 SOLIDWORKS Update Training – Check Out the Top New Features!


2017 Update Training for SOLIDWORKS 2017 is now live in the SolidProfessor platform! The 34 lessons go over all the top new features and capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 2017 in less than 2 hours.

SOLIDWORKS Features tutorial

This course is designed to make sure you get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS upgrade by helping you take advantage of the new features and functions that will make you more productive and innovate cutting-edge designs.  Both new and advanced users can improve their design skills with best practices in using these new tools.

  • Fundamentals: Learn about enhancements within the sser Interface, workflows, and other basic topics, such as enhancements with the selection breadcrumbs and section views.
  • Sketching: Understand the newest sketch tools and workflows available with sketching, such as shaded sketch contours and creating sketch offsets on 3D geometry.
  • Parts and Features: Check out enhancements to existing features, such as chamfer and sweep profile enhancements, as well as new features, such as advanced holes.
  • Assemblies: Learn about enhancements to existing assembly features, such as distance mates between cylindrical faces, new workflows when working with assemblies, and new assembly features, such as magnetic mates.
  • Drawings and Detailing: Cover the new enhancements and features available when working with drawings and detailing your model, such as creating mirrored views without having to create a mirrored component, linking notes to the contents of any BOM table, and setting custom text scales to notes areas.
  • Sheet Metal: Understand new sheet metal functionality: creating 3-bend corner reliefs, punch table support for mirrored and derived parts, and sheet metal options.

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