Over 20 Hours of New Meshmixer Courses


Meshmixer Course

New to your library, we now have seven new Meshmixer courses, comprising more than 20 hours of lessons! Three of the courses cover the core functionality of Meshmixer and four of the courses cover more specific applications of the software.

Meshmixer is an easy, free 3D modeling software from Autodesk that’s based on triangular meshes, as opposed to parametric software like SOLIDWORKS. You can think of modeling in Meshmixer like sculpting with digital clay. It offers a powerful array of creatives tools to pull, pinch, twist, flatten, and manipulate models into organic-looking shapes. This software is great for people who want to use a more “artistic” approach to 3D modeling. Meshmixer also has tools for editing and analyzing 3D scans and for preparing models for printing.

Introduction to Meshmixer

Introduction to Meshmixer is the starting point to get you up and running in Meshmixer. Once you take this course, you can jump into any of the more hands-on techniques courses for practice. It touches on all the main functions of the software including:

  • Working with Imported Models: download and assess models from the web to use in Meshmixer
  • Combining Multiple Objects: add, subtract, and intersect shapes to create new ones
  • Basic Sculpting: learn basic sculpting brushes and techniques
  • 3D Printing: discover tools for preparing a model to be printed and for generating support structures

Meshmixer Essentials

This course offers in-depth coverage of all of the tools in Meshmixer. Once you have finished the introductory course, the Essentials course can be used as an encyclopedia-like reference for any of the features in the software.

Sculpting in Meshmixer

Use Meshmixer to sculpt organic-looking designs! Sculpting in Meshmixer goes more in-depth on the sculpting tools in Meshmixer. Explore sculpting brushes, brush modifiers, brush options, and specific sculpting techniques for making creative ideas a reality.

Editing 3D Scans in Meshmixer

3D scan data can be downloaded online or created using your cell phone and a photogrammetry app. This quick course covers Meshmixer’s tools for editing 3D scans, including how to edit scan data, repair holes, sculpt details and prepare the model for 3D printing.

Create a 3D Model from a Photograph

This short course is an easy hands-on exercise in creating a 3D model from a photograph. This is a great course for practicing your Meshmixer skills and learning more about the capabilities of stencils in the software.

Meshmixer for Kids

In our first course especially for kids, Meshmixer for Kids explains how to design with easy tools like Meshmixer and TinkerCAD. Kids will also learn how to bring their designs into the popular game Minecraft and even how to capture 3D model scans with their cell phones.

Custom Figurines in Meshmixer

Use your Meshmixer skills to create and 3D print custom figurines! You’ll learn how to import base models, sculpt details, and combine pre-made shapes on your model to create unique characters that can be 3D printed in Custom Figurines in Meshmixer.

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