Thanks for joining us at SOLIDWORKS World ’15


Nearly 6000 SOLIDWORKS designers, engineers, resellers, and partners descended upon Phoenix, Arizona last week to learn, explore, and interact with fellow enthusiasts at SOLIDWORKS World 2015.

SolidProfessor brought 14 members of our team to this year’s SOLIDWORKS World and we came away with new friendships, partnerships, and inspiration for the future of computer aided design education.

Highlights included the CSWE event on Monday night where we sipped mojitos out of SolidProfessor “koozies” and giving away t-shirts at our booth in the Partner Pavilion. We were riveted by the “secrets of the universe revealed” breakout session with Paul Parise where we saw how SOLIDWORKS can be used in education to model complex concepts.


1. Top Requested SOLIDWORKS Enhancement – See Top 10 >> Screen-Shot-2015-02-25-at-9.21.10-AM-300x58


Support for zero thickness geometry


2. Biggest Applause – Watch Story >>


Seffi Udi’s inspiring story, Designing Inspiration


3. Favorite Quote –


“The engineers and designers in this room are the ones who will literally make the future.”

– Bre Pettis  

4. Most Played Song – Play Song >>

MOST PLAYED SONG: All About that Bass

All About That Bass


5. Model Mania Champs – Past Winners >>

MODEL MANIA CHAMPS: Model Mania 2000-2014: Nick Vande Waerdt (Customer) and John MacArthur, Dasi Solutions (Reseller)    

Nick Vande Waerdt (Customer)

John MacArthur, Dasi Solutions (Reseller)


6. Best Stunt – Visit SWUGN >>

BEST STUNT: Free pizza at 9AM for SWUGN leaders          

Free Pizza at 9AM for SWUGN leaders.

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