SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Now Available


About Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional allows you to test for a variety of conditions that designs might be exposed to in the field. Thermal, frequency, buckling, fatigue, drop test, and pressure vessel analysis can all be performed using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional.


With our 2017 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional course, designers learn to take full advantage of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional capabilities to improve and optimize designs before committing resources to prototyping or manufacturing.

In addition to learning about failure modes, you’ll get familiar with FEA solvers used in various situations. You’ll learn how to speed up computation time by reducing the number of mesh elements through simplifying geometry and components, in addition to other strategies.

Finally, you’ll learn to take advantage of symmetry, cyclic symmetry, and submodeling, and how to setup and run an array of studies in one step using the Load Case Manager.

Upon completing this course, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a SolidProfessor Technical Certificate to share on LinkedIn to demonstrate your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional expertise.

Phylicia Clifton
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