SolidWorks For Beginners Has Been Updated For 2013


The SolidWorks for Beginners series, launched in 2012 and now updated for 2013, is the easiest way for new users to get up to speed even if they have no prior experience with SolidWorks or computer aided design.

This course quickly introduces users to 3D parametric modeling using SolidWorks. Written from the perspective of brand new users, in just a few hours users will learn how to navigate the SolidWorks interface, create sketches, set up parametric relationships, and create 3D models. Users will also learn the basics of creating assemblies from their parts, and how to generate 2D production drawings of their 3D parts and assemblies. This course is ideal for anyone looking to get comfortable using SolidWorks, in a short amount of time.

Watch a sample lesson from the course:

SWX beginners

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