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What to expect on the CSWA exam

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) certification is an entry-level certification designed to measure the SOLIDWORKS skills of pre-professional users (think: college students or people switching careers). If you’re a CSWA, an employer can get a sense for your SOLIDWORKS skills even without a proven employment history. Those who pass on their first time were able to do so thanks to a CSWA exam prep course. The questions on the CSWA exam fall into three basic categories.

  • Part modeling
  • Assembly modeling
  • Drafting competencies

The exam consists of 14 questions worth a total of 240 points. Candidates have a time limit of three hours to complete the exam.

Pass the first time with a CSWA exam prep course

Our CSWA exam prep course gives you an idea of the test’s complexity and includes CSWA practice questions and models. The prep course is in video form so you can practice alongside our SOLIDWORKS experts. The expert-led video tutorials are divided into five sections.

  • Skills review
  • Drafting competencies
  • Basic/intermediate part creation
  • Intermediate/advanced part creation
  • Assembly creation

CSWA exam prep course overview

Skills review. You’ll learn about the following material you’ll need to know before taking the CSWA exam.

  • Common features and mates you’re most likely to encounter on the exam
  • Global variables and how to use them
  • Troubleshooting sketches and features

Drafting competencies. You’ll learn the various drawing views you’ll encounter on the exam. These CSWA practice questions are multiple choice and cover the different aspects of the software. Basic/intermediate part creation. You’ll learn how to model parts with basic and intermediate design features with the following exercises.

  • Creating an initial part model from a drawing
  • Using linked dimensions to fully define the model
  • Reporting mass properties
  • Updating linked dimensions
  • Modifying the part geometry

Intermediate/advanced part creation. You’ll learn how to model a part with intermediate and advanced design features. This section focuses on the different notes and drawing views. It’s important to be able to interpret a drawing so that you can accurately model the part on the exam. Assembly modeling. You’ll learn how to create new assemblies using part files with the following exercises.

  • Building an assembly
  • Global variables and how to use them
  • Modifying a key parameter in an angle or distance mate

Note: You’ll also earn a SolidProfessor Technical Certificate when you successfully complete the CSWA exam prep course.

The best way to prepare for the CSWA exam is to practice! The SolidPressor CSWA exam prep course will guide you through the steps to correctly interpret drawings and teach you valuable time-saving modeling techniques that will help you ace the exam.

Earn a free CSWA exam voucher

Once you finish the CSWA exam prep course, you’ll earn a free CSWA exam voucher on us! You’ll be able to take the CSWA completely free of cost. Learn how to earn your free voucher. Begin prepping for the exam with the SolidProfessor’s CSWA Prep Course video tutorials today. Good luck with your CSWA practice!

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