See How SolidProfessor Can Help Your Students Achieve Their 2024 Goals


6 Reasons Why SolidProfessor is the Right Partner to Help Students and Schools Achieve Their 2024 Goals

It’s the biggest library of engineering and design tutorials created by engineers. It’s affordable. It’s ad-free. And it’s used by top educators across the country. See why educators and students alike consider SolidProfessor as their go-to resource for engineering and design learning.

How can students make themselves even more attractive candidates in today’s job market? One way is by supplementing CVs with extracurricular activities, projects, and top-notch certifications that show employers they’ve done more than just the (school) work. While there are many exciting initiatives to help educate, encourage and advance incoming and new designers and engineers, learning with SolidProfessor can help ensure your students are well-prepared for today’s workforce. For educators, nothing beats being able to brag about your students and how they’ve gone on to successful careers at top companies.

SolidProfessor is used by schools across the country, integrates with most learning management systems and is top-rated by the people who use it.

But there are even more reasons to add SolidProfessor to the mix to help your students achieve their goals in 2024. Here are the top six reasons why you should consider utilizing SolidProfessor to help shape the next generation of engineering and design professionals:

1. Solidprofessor Is the Largest Curated Library of Tutorial Content for Engineers and Designers Used by Schools Across the Country

SolidProfessor was created by engineers, for engineers. It’s the largest on-demand engineering and design training library crafted by engineers out there and it’s used by universities across the U.S., such as U.C. San Diego. Denver Public Schools uses it as part of their program called “EngineeringConnect” to extend learning outside of the classroom. They prepare students with curriculum in engineering and design, civil engineering and energy industry fundamentals and use SolidProfessor to teach these concepts and help get their students certified in IRCs (industry-recognized credentials.)

2. It Leverages a Modern Approach to Learning

Project-based learning is a proven method to increase knowledge retention and engage students.

SolidProfessor flips the traditional model and helps students learn concepts outside of class so classroom time is maximized for hands-on learning. You can assign students lessons and tests to complete at home in their own time. Learn more about traditional and flipped classroom models.

3. It’s Affordable and There’s Grant Funding Available

SolidProfessor provides resources for schools to learn about and access grant funding to help future engineers and new graduates get the training they need. Check out SolidProfessor’s guides to grants and funding. In addition, most schools find that SolidProfessor saves money in the long run.

4. SolidProfessor Helps Students Test Their Skills with Pre and Post Course Tests

Video training is great, but what about testing your knowledge?

SolidProfessor’s pre and post course tests allow you to measure your students or employees’ learning in real time. Downloadable exercise files aid in providing real-world practice to apply their learning. If students score 80% or higher on the course tests, they can earn technical Certificates.

5. Educators Can Ensure Students Are Learning the Same Software Used in the Workforce

Used by top companies for continuous learning and training: Students are challenged with learning the same principles, applications, and software used by engineers and designers at top-performing manufacturing and design companies.

This really comes down to getting students prepared to enter the workforce and helping them meet their 2024 goals. They’ll have a leg up on the competition when they have SolidProfessor Technical Certificates on their resumes. A bonus is that many top-rated companies also use SolidProfessor to train their workforce, so students are getting the same expert-level training as those already in the field. For example, our customer, Kawasaki, used SolidProfessor to provide customized training to their workforce to improve their efficiency in SOLIDWORKS.

6. SolidProfessor Can Help Your Students Get Certified

Imagine being certified in SOLIDWORKS and you’ve not even finished high school yet. It’s a tremendous advantage for students to get access to this kind of curriculum before they’ve even entered college or the workforce. With SolidProfessor, students can take CAD, CAM and BIM software certification prep courses. They can pursue these certifications: CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate), CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional), CSWE (Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert) or get certified in other design and engineering tools like AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor and Revit. Then they can add these certifications to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

SolidProfessor is the Trusted Source for Engineering and Design Learning

SolidProfessor is used by over 300,000 engineers! See how Gentex leveraged SolidProfessor to get SOLIDWORKS certifications for their entire engineering team.

We can’t mention all the companies, schools and universities that utilize SolidProfessor, but rest assured we’re trusted by brands such as Kawasaki, Medtronic, Sub Zero, and UC San Diego to name a few.

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