Are you ready to take the CSWA?


Take a moment and consider if one of the following questions applies to you:

  • I feel like I understand the basics of SOLIDWORKS – how can I show others what I’ve accomplished so far?
  • I’m new to SOLIDWORKS – how do I know when I’ve mastered the basics?
  • I’m looking for a job (or a raise) – how can I prove to an employer that I’m proficient in SOLIDWORKS?
  • I want to set a personal development goal for my SOLIDWORKS training – is there a way I can test my skills and know that I’ve reached the next level?

If any of these statements sounds familiar, you might want to consider taking the CSWA. The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam is an entry-level certification designed to measure the SOLIDWORKS skills of users who are at a pre-professional level. Passing the exam is proof that you are a competent SOLIDWORKS user—even if you don’t have a proven employment history. It’s an achievement that can open doors to employment or career advancement by giving you an edge, confidence in your skills and a nice milestone to put on your resume. So, have I convinced you to take the exam? If so, the next question to ask yourself is: Are you ready?

The best preparation for the exam is practice. SOLIDWORKS recommends at least 45 hours of classroom instruction before taking the exam, but not everyone can measure their experience in “classroom hours.” Even if you could, do you really know if you are prepared to pass? With SolidProfessor’s 2015 CSWA Prep course, you don’t have to guess. This course covers both the format and content of the exam, providing hands-on practice in a simulated testing environment.

You will learn:

  • How to purchase and set up the exam
  • Important test taking strategies to make the most of your limited time
  • The topics covered in the multiple-choice section of the exam
  • How view your results, access your certificate and get listed in the SOLIDWORKS certification directory

In addition, you’ll get to test your skills with three practice exercises featuring models similar to those on the actual exam. The exercises are presented in an interactive format that simulates the testing environment. You’ll scroll through instructions, navigate through the drawings, and input your answers just like you would on the test. Afterward, a full video walkthrough will guide you through the modeling process step-by-step, with useful tips and tricks along the way.

Being CSWA certified is a valuable distinction, so don’t leave your passing grade up to chance. SolidProfessor’s CSWA course, which is included in all of our SOLIDWORKS memberships, ensures you won’t be hit with any surprises on the exam, and will make sure you’re comfortable and prepared every step of the way. Existing members can log in to start learning now. Don’t have an account? Create a free account today.

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