MATLAB Advanced Concepts


MATLAB Advanced Concepts Tutorial

Rounding out our trio of MATLAB offerings, the new Advanced Concepts course focuses on three primary areas within MATLAB, which allow learners to develop more advanced programs, including function m-files, anonymous functions, and advanced array types.

MATLAB is loaded with standard functions, like linspace, logspace, and many others, but it doesn’t necessarily have the exact function to solve every problem. In those cases, custom functions can be developed to accept inputs from the command line and return the information back to the user.

The Advanced Concepts course covers developing anonymous functions, which accept inputs and return outputs within a single executable statement. Since anonymous functions in MATLAB aren’t stored in a program file, but instead are associated with a variable whose data type is a function handle, one of the benefits is the ability to greatly reduce the number of m-files needed.

The final area of focus in the MATLAB Advanced Concepts course is Advanced Array Types, which can store numeric and character values with application in database management. Concise video lessons cover the various array types, as well as techniques to reduce memory, computation, and calculation times.

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The MATLAB Advanced Concepts course was written by Dr. Anna Haywood, who holds a B.S.E in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Bioengineering, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout her academic and professional career, Dr. Haywood has conducted much of her research using MATLAB, and taught MATLAB at Arizona State University.

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