New AutoCAD 2016 for Beginners Course


We are excited to announce that we have released a brand new course: 2016 AutoCAD for Beginners. This course is designed for folks who are just getting started using AutoCAD or are new to Computer-Aided Design. Our goal with this course is to make users comfortable with the most essential tools and functions in AutoCAD and be able to create and work with drawings within just an hour or two. For users getting started with AutoCAD, it is important to get comfortable with the user interface, drawing tools, drafting settings, blocks, layers, and plotting, to name a few.

2016 AutoCAD for Beginners includes 39 video lessons with 2 hours 15 minutes of run time. In creating the course, we focused on providing the extremely clear and concise instruction that you have come to expect from SolidProfessor. In addition, we emphasized exceptional production quality so that all of the lessons have extremely high clarity and fidelity. Our goal with every course and lesson we produce is to provide amazing learning experiences to help people gain new skills.

Sample Lesson: What is AutoCAD?


This course was designed for both linear and nonlinear learners. In other words, it can either be taken in a linear progression from start to finish or used as a reference tool to get answers and best-practices about specific features, functions, and concepts quickly. The lesson plan is divided up into bite-sized, conceptual topics so that you can get the information you need, when you need it. Because our Quick Search tool indexes every word that is spoken in each video, finding exactly what you are looking for in the course is fast and easy.

Sample Lesson: Explode, Erase, Trim and Extend in AutoCAD

auto cad explode

In addition to the video lessons in the course, we include downloadable drawing files to follow along with each lesson, a course assessment test, and closed captioning available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Sample Lesson: Hatching Drawing Areas

acad for beginners

This course is available in all of our AutoCAD memberships including AutoCAD Standard, AutoCAD Professional, and AutoCAD Professional + 3D. The 2016 AutoCAD for Beginners course is a great platform to get started. Once you are comfortable with AutoCAD, you can take full advantage of the knowledge and instruction that are covered by industry experts in our AutoCAD Professional and Professional + 3D packages. Existing members can log in to start learning now. Don’t have an account? Create a free account today. 

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