Incorporate Electrical Schematics in 3D Designs with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D


Learn how to use electrical schematics to optimize your 3D mechanical designs.

Electrical and mechanical engineers use SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D to collaborate on assemblies and integrate electrical schematics into 3D mechanical designs. You’ll save time and money by preventing costly redesign work when using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D to determine the locations, paths, and lengths of cable and wiring prior to production.

Introducing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Training

In our SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D training course, you’ll be guided through designing an industrial conveyor belt system containing electrical components. We’ll cover the basics of combining mechanical and electrical components by routing cables and wires through your 3D assembly. Check it out by watching the sample lesson below!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D – Routing, Duct Fill Ratio

What You’ll Learn in this Course

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D enables you to save time and improve the accuracy of your designs in a number of ways. One of the most helpful tools you’ll learn about is the Electrical Component Wizard which automates the creation of electrical components. After completing a series of basic questions, the Electrical Component Wizard can eliminate manual work, making it easy to define the components’ faces, create mate references, and build connection points between them.

You’ll also learn to resolve common routing issues and discover the most efficient ways to troubleshoot your project using error analysis. Once you’ve resolved any issues, you’ll learn how to easily export your work by outputting your designs to drawings, detailed reports, or PDFs in order to be reviewed, shared with clients, or sent off for manufacturing.

By the end this course, you’ll have the ability to generate mechanical assemblies from electrical schematic projects and avoid costly design mistakes by optimizing your design methods in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

If you need to review your electrical schematic symbols, first take a look at our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic tutorials! If you’re ready to jump in, start perfecting your 3D electrical designs now with our SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D training.

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